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Working together

From the vision ‘together we are stronger’, Klugt works intensively with Vreugdenhil Young Plants. As two independent companies, we function as one organization, both with their own identity in the market.
Vreugdenhil Young Plants has various locations in De Lier and Naaldwijk. Like Klugt, Vreugdenhil is a reliable plant nursery. There are many similarities within both organizations, our core values match and both companies similar modern production facilities.

6 breeding sites, together 43 hectares.

All together, we have six nursing grounds spanning over a total area of 43 hectares. Our partnership with Vreugdenhil makes us more flexible – especially in the growth of large volumes – and we can exchange knowledge in product development, crop development and technology. Furthermore, it optimizes marketing & sales, energy management, purchasing, space planning and many other business processes. This results in continuous improvement of our business operations and the quality of our final products.