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Environment and Klugt

A sustainable production process is essential to meeting the demand of the market. Klugt is therefore committed 100% to meet all requirements within this area. Below is an overview of how we currently sustain our production and in the near future.

• All used water is recycled at our locations. In order to be able to reuse the water it is purified and disinfected via UV filters. This allows us to recycle water without any risk.
• By using a heat-power coupler (CHP), we generate electricity ourselves. The heat released is used during the cultivation process of the plants.
• We meet the highest certifications within the MPS system. This means that we are continuously focused on sustaining the production process.
• Corporate social responsibility is an important aspect of our organization. Klugt strives to maintain a responsible place in society, with an eye for fellow human beings.
• In order to be able to meet our heat demand sustainably, we will participate in a global warming project. Bergschenhoek is a company that is set to provide us with this geothermal heat in the future. We have signed an agreement of intent and hope to be part of the network soon.