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About us

Klugt Bleiswijk / De Lier: Your start is our specialty!

An internationally oriented company, that originally settled in the ‘Westland’. Currently, the 3rd generation of this family owned business is at the helm. Since the passing away of Ton van der Klugt on August 14, 2008, both branches are led by Koos van der Klugt. Currently, the company consists of two large, modern, independent, up-to-date locations. One branch is situated in De Lier, and in 1986 a branch opened in Bleiswijk.

In 2011, Klugt De Lier / Bleiswijk started a partnership with Vreugdenhil plant nursery.

The slogan “Your start is our specialty” indicates where the company’s strength lies. Namely, in the cultivation of raw materials regarding vegetable plants and ornamental plant products, with a continuous focus for quality
Tijdens het voorjaar telen wij eindproducten van geraniums en perkgoed in diverse potmaten. In de zomermaanden worden tevens cyclamen en diverse kamerplanten geteeld. Hierover kunt u meer informatie vinden op de betreffende pagina’s.