Klugt Quality Plants belongs to the top in the field of young vegetable plant production. At our state-of-the-art business locations, we specialize in growing bell peppers, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and eggplants. We supply plants of a high and consistent quality.


Ornamental cultivation is an important division in our company. We have been supplying a wide range of ornamental crop products for years, tailored to the specific needs of the customer. Our goal is to achieve the highest possible result for the customer / retailer.


Decades of experience in rooting cuttings and our modern production facilities, have enabled to create the best starting material for you. To ensure a healthy start of your production, we guarantee to meet the highest hygiene requirements. We possess all relevant MPS certifications within this segment.


Klugt a family owned business in the field of growing vegetable plants and ornamental plants for three generations.We are a professional and dedicated team, capable to adapt our production process to our clients’ personal needs and requests. Our sophisticated mentality ensures a creative and innovative response to the market. Decades of experience and continuous on-field examinations have enabled us to set high standards on which we continue to build on a daily basis
Our modern production facilities enable us to guarantee product quality throughout the year.
We cultivate vegetables of superior quality, this has resulted in long-term customer relationships worldwide. Besides our continuous efforts to supply only the best quality, we also offer a very wide range of services within the ornamental plants segment. Our aim is to be a good business partner: ‘Your start is our specialty’.